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Incineration (Heart of Stone, #1; NSC Industries, #2)

Incineration (Heart of Stone, #1; NSC Industries, #2) - D.H. Sidebottom
Can't deny it sucks you in.

Uhm although I've titled this 'can't deny it sucks you in' there is a but to this review but keep in mind that I've given it four to four and a half stars.......

I was getting really frustrated at the fact that Ava was a girl that literally has had everything thrown at her or done to her, I was getting to the point of thinking that oh my god Ava is like THE 'hypochondriac' of all things bad! Can one person supposedly have everything single bad thing happen to her i.e. rape, bad fostering, overbearing male fancying her, parents dead oh this list could go on and on and then I begged to believe is there anything left that could happen to her in books two and three?

Oh and her idea of dealing with situations is to get rat-arsed, drunk as a skunk, paralyetic, that got on my nerves too. Also the use of the word 'erm' really began to pee me off, I cannot for the life of me see a mobster who is head of his little world being reduced to a lot of 'erms' when he speaks. Heck they're a force to be reckoned with, not indecisive, meek little beings, they know what they want and they go grab it, so his portray of being 'unsure' didn't sit well with me.

But saying that you can't help but get pulled into the story of Ava and Mason and all the other shady characters you'll meet. But not as shady as the synopsis suggest, of underworld crime and mobsters, if that's the case the world is full of very likeable 'shady' characters.

Although I was getting peed off at certain situations and how much Ava seems to have to suffer, I couldn't help but enjoy this book, hence the four stars, I'll be really truthful and say its a 4.5 star rating in my opinion.

You'll find the book full of characters that you will love, love to hate and just plain hate, which in itself makes a good book. It is visual, you can picture yourself at Mason's home, at Ava's cottage and bars they frequent. The writing style is slightly annoying sometimes, there a whole pile of words with s added to them which when re-read make sense but when your flying through you feel like you've been tripped up and have to re-read to understand the sentence. Also there are quite a few typos and grammatical errors that if a good editor got their mitts on this book it would fly into a 5 star read immediately.

But the fact at how cheap this book is the moment and the following two books, I cant argue that at this price this is well worth a read and I will definitely be reading them all.