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Undercover Submissive

Undercover Submissive - Michelle Hughes I was enjoying the story until (slight spoiler coming) she told him that she wasn't Cait. I also found the ending far too quick, more like a wham bam thank you mam ending. I would have liked to have read more on the fact what he chose to happen after The Island and how he could let her go so easy, that didn't sit to well with me.

Yes there are loads of typos and grammatical errors spattered within the pages, they don't help too well in the reading enjoyment of the story ie sometimes the word read 'will' instead of 'we'll', so maybe this needs a re-hash and a bit of a workover to make it more presentable to the readers.

The premise of the story was a great idea, it could have been explored much further and had many heart pounding moments on The Island but it didn't, I thought when they came face to face with Serif and how they were going to deal with finding Cait could have been a lot more explosive than it was.

Good characters, fun story, just a tad sad it wasn't more than it was.