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The Love Game (The Game, #1)

The Love Game (The Game, #1) - Emma  Hart
Think modern day 'Grease' and you won't be disappointed.

Heck this book was really enjoyable. I kinda found myself thinking 'Grease' at one point and not because it's a spin off but because it has that same 'innocence' romance going on, it's excellent cast and the great modern story.

The sex scenes are not steamy and erotic, they are tastefully done, leaving a lot to your imagination which in this case totally worked, I think I would have been a bit disappointed if they were 'down and dirty' but they weren't. The way they were written they did actually carry their own level of hotness so you weren't left feeling deprived that they weren't explicit. So if your looking for explicit then this won't work on the level you want or maybe expecting.

I would highly recommend this, it's fun, it's sensitive, it's very well written, it plays in your head beautifully. I've visited the frat house, Starbucks, girls dorm, their parties, Vegas, it's all very visual.