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Room to Breathe - Nicole Brightman
Bordering between 1 and 2 stars - let's say 1 and a half.

What the heck have I just read? This was like no other book in the erotic romance genre and I am totally confused on how to review it.

One part of me really liked the story - so that's good yes?

The biggest part of me though HATED the lead characters! I was so FRUSTRATED with them and their personalities or lack thereof. For want of a better description it's very ' oh Romeo, oh Romeo, where for art thou Romeo and then 'I am going to f*ck you all night'..............

Why? Why were the characters so differential? What springs to my mind is think Jane Austen with turrets. I know right!! This book contained a whole pile and I mean a steamy great hulk of completely unwanted lovey/dovey, hoity/toity, prim/proper text and then you'll get an erotic sex scene, but the conversations as well between them all seemed so false and 'fill ins' not substantial at all so you could feel you could get you teeth into the book.

I think I understand what the author was trying to do by ooh it's fell short, all I could imagine was wooden puppets and stilted speech and oh so friggin prim and flowery from HIS mouth as well as hers.

It was like trying to fit the proverbial square peg into a round whole, their characters just didn't fit and they didn't seem real, which I was so cross about and let's face it I actually finished the whole book so it wasn't a DNF but in all honesty I was hoping it would redeem itself at some point by sadly it didn't.

So I am admitting defeat with this book, it didn't deliver for me but for some it very well may do, but if you enjoy erotic books then I really can't see you connecting with the characters any better than me. But I can honestly say I did try, I did finish it and I honestly wanted it to deliver but for me it just didn't.