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Dark Endings (Dark Brother, #3) - Bec Botefuhr

You 'effin' beauty!


What a brilliant trilogy, I absolutely loved them all and this explosive ending was totally fitting to bring the story to it's conclusion. These books have been so gripping and feel so real that I will miss being immersed in them.

I am going to miss Jagger and Willow, Jenny, Ava, Angel, Ace, Huck - heck every single character that gets a mention and that includes the 'baddies'.

There is no 'drop you jaw' moments in this last book like there was with the first two book, no twists that shock the pants off you but it didn't need any. It wraps everything up nicely in this great finale and yes I am going to miss them all but I know without a doubt I will revisit them many times to get my Jagger and Willow fix. Thunderous applause from this reader and a die hard Bec Botefuhr fan after these.