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Make Me Yours - Alla Kar .
Tattoos, Piercings, Abs to die for and a fighter..............sigh.......... me want!

Seriously another cliffhanger!! No warning that this may be part of a series, arghhhhh I can't believe I have to wait to find out what happens next.

There is one thing the author has GOT to do better in the next book (and revisit this one) and that is get an editor. Oh boy there are grammatical errors and stupid spelling mistakes abound in this book and for the cost of the book compared to other in this genre it's at a higher price tag than some 5 star reads out there, and that is really bad when there are so many mistakes within.

That said, this book has a great story to it, it's certainly hot and the chemistry is there. I found it very visual too. The whole story comes across very real and the emotions pour from Layla as she tries her hardest to live by her father's rule, but she's finding it more and more difficult. Taylor is adamant she's going to let him in and he won't give up, he just wants to protect her and I have to say, his swagger, his arrogance and his badassness :0) drip off the pages and burn in your brain.

I am looking forward to see how their relationship further develops and how she is going to deal with the whole of what is coming next.