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The Upside of Letting Go - Nacole Stayton
3.5 stars review

I found myself a bit conflicted with this book on the one hand I loved the characters and their story, it was oh so poignant and emotional in a lot of ways but I also found quite a bit of the book losing my attention as it didn't seem to be going anyway, I kept waiting for something to happen and I had to wait quite a bit of time in some areas of the book.

Be prepared to want to cry at some of the content of this book, I have to say Nacole pens a good emotional pull and you feel the pain of both Kyler, Jude and Haley, as you will see there is a bit of a triangle struggle going on amongst all three.

It won't be high on my list of re-reads anytime soon but at some point I think I will read it again purely for the feeling on living on campus, going to the frat house, the farm, Drakes bar and The Shed as I was easily able to picture being at these places with them. All in all a good read, just a tad overkill on some filler text but definitey an emotional read that plays out well.