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Champagne Showers (Glass Towers, #1)

Champagne Showers (Glass Towers, #1) - Adler and Holt I am in that place where I am flitting between 3 and 4 stars as this is just one heck of a hard book to pin a rating on. Some parts of the book are bloody good, the romance is sizzling along, it's hot and it falls perfectly in it's place of a hot erotic read. Then it's really strange at the way the author describes the for want of putting this better, 'the girly garage where he wants to park his car' - it's only described as "P", so your getting a hot love scene and then that word thrown in it and A LOT! RANDOM!!!! It kinda makes the scene then a tad bit laughable as the next word will be the porno lingo for come.... get it..... it's just really bizarre how it's hot, then weirdly cutesy and then porno talk. I personally can't stand the sleaze lingo, it takes away what could be a classy scene and turns it cheap, but that's just how I feel on today's erotic love stories. Sleaze should be left to the magazines and in this contemporary erotic romances they should deliver on a classier level, this isn't one of those in my eyes. Yes we're told why she can't say the 'P' word but you think it could still be described as that for the sake of the reader's sanity!

Also I had a real hard time when the characters were talking, they seemed robotic and stilted and conversations just didn't flow, I also kept saying to myself w.t.h. when each person was talking a line they just had to say the other person's name every single new line - like do we ever do that in real life - NO!!!!

But the crux of the story was enough to keep you reading on, to find out what was going to happen or probably to find what your thinking is going to happen actually does, as it's a tad predictable, but it did have enough I suppose to hold my attention, although I did skim over the scenery being described a lot.

So for all these reasons there was not enough 4 star material to warrant the extra star with this review but it does have it's moments when it is, the stilted chats, weirdish erotic scenes and fluffing out the text to probably feel it's ok to drag out to a trilogy is what brings it straight back to a 3 star read for me. I am actually torn after finishing book 1, do I really want to subject myself to book 2 and to only find out what I am thinking is going to happen....... just really not sure.

Ack I am really torn and troubled by this book, this is definitely a bit Jeckyl and Hyde. Oh and I can't believe I am going to say this but there is TOO MUCH sex! It's like Christian Grey on Viagra! A tad overkill in that area methinks.