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Tangled - Emma Chase .

Are you ready for this book if not then heck GET READY NOW! Because I have to say that Drew Evans and his story is a massive rip-roaring success. This book is told only through Drew's POV and by Christ what a POV it is! All girls should read this book, the countless references to every day life, film characters and films and historical events done the 'Drew' way is just bloody fantastic, I will never think of or watch The Notebook and not think of it through Drews eyes, heck even 'The Dark Side' will have me thinking of Drew and his mates!

There is no forced injecture of comedy within this book it literally just flows page after page and some of it (well no a great hunking pile of it) is literally 'spit your coffee out' good. Random hilariousness is what you'll get but it's not only his fun outlook it's also choc full of deep and meaningful too. Brimming with mega loads of hotness too, this book has it all.

Here's a great passage:- remember it's Drew's POV 'This is where men got the shitty end of the stick, people. When God gave Eve that extra rib? He should have given us something extra too. Like Mental telepathy.' Why did I pick this sentence to show well, Emma just has this knack with her written word, did we as an audience expect to get a God/Eve comparison right in the middle of contemporary romance novel? And especially a romance novel led by a male lead. Well no and it's little snippits like this all the way through the book that make the text come alive. Drew literally talks to you the reader all the way through and I love this, it may be because when I write people say I do this too, I chat and engage whoever is reading and boy does Drew engage the reader throughout this blockbuster.

It's mesmerising, down to earth, incredibly inciteful, and yep it totally confirms that men are led not by their heads most of the time but by their ..... well you know! READ THIS BOOK now! You know you want to.