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Chambers of Desire: Opus 1 (Stripped) - Sophie Moreau I suppose firstly I should remark at why the heck the synopsis and blurb doesn't suggest at how dark this erotica book is and warn you about what it contains. It contains, asphyxiation, bondage, whipping, gagging, electrical stimulation and a very forceful dominant and probably more that I've missed!

Typos and grammar - this book is riddled with them, whole words missing, tenses changed, paragraphs that make little sense sometimes because bits seem missing.

Story jumps - yes I found at some points the story literally jumped from one thing to another with no apparent reasoning and several times I had to go back just to see if I missed something and I hadn't!

The chemistry - Hmmmm sometimes the chemistry was so hot it fired off the pages other times it seemed stilted and didn't flow and to be honest Calvin came across mean at those times.

The sex scenes - one of the first book I found myself wanting to skim over some of the scenes. Kinda felt just blah sometimes and also long winded and then some that were indeed very dark and kinda disturbing.

Calvin - Another billionaire with demons (yawn getting a tad over them now), his demons however are affecting him badly. He is also the first book boyfriend who shocked me by not doing something and I don't want to ruin the book by saying what it was but it really irked me and I didn't like him so much because of what he hadn't/couldn't do. He also shocked the hell out of me with what he subject Sabrina to, oh my god I absolutely cannot connect with some of what he did to her sexually.

Sabrina - God where to start, here is a virgin who ends up auctioning off her virginity to the highest bidder for the only reason lets face it, to pee her family off and her cheating now ex fiance. Hmmmm so she then decides after giving up her virginity to Calvin that she is then a full on submissive/slave and lets him do some really intense BDSM to her. I absolutely could not connect to a virgin after one bout of sex going full on mode and letting a person who she has only met that week do what he was doing to her. When he gave her a safeword that was also bizarre because how could she say it when she was gagged!

Realism - heck no, I didn't find any of this story real at all. Especially when we get to being cattle prodded to stimulate the body to orgasm whilst being tied up, gagged and after having just had god knows how many orgasms before - arghhhh too much! I know where that cattle prod would have gone if that had been me, no matter how much I 'enjoyed' being manipulated by a billionaire hunk.

After saying all the above though I strangely had to read the whole book but when I got to the end I thought, crap I won't get that time back and can honestly say I won't be reading any more by Sophie unless she makes it more real, less aggressive or keeps the agression but shows more compassion along with it. Heck I've read some harrowing erotica that would make your toes curl but written well it can be unputdownable, this wasn't even that harrowing but it didn't connect on a romance level and I wonder is there more to come from them or was that it for Calvin and Sabrina? If there is I honestly don't think I'll be reading it and to be really honest thank heavens I got this book for free.