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Lyon's Crew (The Lyon)

Lyon's Crew (The Lyon) - Jordan Silver OK where to begin, I suppose firstly compared to the other reviewers I wonder what the heck book I've read (this is based on the 4 and 5 stars on UK Amazon) because this to me is simply an OK read. There are some bizarre things going on like when he makes her his and takes her virginity, do you really think whilst being f***ed your going to be ok having your nipples pierced and then at the end of it your vavajaa pierced same night??? I don't think so!

The characters were hard to truly engage with, Lyon seemed to use the f word and say s**t just for the sake of saying it, being that he came from an affluent family his character was a bit all over the place. Sometimes really seedy and foul mouthed, then charitable and hospitable.....sigh I couldn't keep up with it sometimes.

'Angel' as Lyon calls her was I suppose ok, again I couldn't 100% connect with her, her change was a bit radical especially after what she had gone through and for and eighteen year old too..... some of it didn't sit well with me. Virgin to nympho at the speed of light, hmmmmmmm.

Let's also get into the fact that this is about a 'crew' not an 'MC' it states at the start they are not a real 'gang' they don't do stupid s**t, they go around helping little old ladies fix leaky roofs at weekends. I mean talk about bizarre right? It then also states they have rival gangs that don't like the way they operate but they can go (you know what) themselves because and I quote - 'we're more guardian angel than hell's angels and the community loves and respects us.' Weird..........

This was also one of those books for me the 'sex' became totally boring, far too many chunks of it, it was morning, noon and night sometimes, heck there is only so much he stuck his.... there and played with her here.......... you can take. I felt these scenes were being used to pad the book out because actually come to think of it if you took the story back to the bare bones of it, it would be half the size of this finished product.

Oh and another things, the absolutely weird way the book jumps from different perspectives, one minute we're reading Colton then we're reading Angel and they bloody hell we're reading Colton's mum! With no warning either..... you think you've gone mad but you haven't. Really badly presented with those POV's.

And then let us not forget the ending because literally out of nowhere the book stopped! Seemed a totally bizarre place to end this 1st book. And left me wondering straight away will I read book 2? I have to say that I would only read book 2 if I had absolutely nothing else to read.