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Mad For You (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Love, #1)

Mad For You (Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Love, #1) - Anna Antonia .
4.5 stars I really enjoyed this.

OK so at the moment I am SCREAMING - ARGHHHH there's another book to wait for...... really miffed I've got to wait because I would have happily read on immediately to get more of their story.

As far as sex goes this book contains little of it but that doesn't mean its not raunchy and sexy; the story is just so engaging I really was not bothered by this and truthfully I didn't miss it. Now if I am really truthful I hate books that start like this one, when your told a scene that doesn't happen till near the end right at the start it kinds takes some of the guesswork out of it and your reading your way through waiting to get to that scene. That said what was contained within the book between the start and the end was just so easy to plough through, it was written extremely well and the writing style and story grabs you and holds you right to the final chapter and then your peed off because if your like me your going to have to wait till the next book to find out more. This was one of the quickest 366 pages I've read in a fair while, story is that good I just steamed through it. It also get's extremely hot towards the end and also the story develops into something that I wasn't expecting and I really liked that, it didn't feel like being blindsided but it was still a 'wasn't expecting that' scenario.

Both Gabriel and Emma's characters are 100% 3D, totally loveable and felt very real. Considering he is a billionaire this book should not be subjected to the 'oh it's a billionaire book' and therefore passed over, yes he's got money but in this instance it's all relevant to their dynamic, he's got money and pots of it, he's also bedded god knows how many girls/women. She's the daughter of a maid whose been ridiculed before because of her social standing but she doesn't curtail to people with money she kind off shuns them so Gabriel has to work doubly harder to win her over and then his ex throws them all for a loop............ sigh........ just give this book a go it is well worth it.