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Off Course (Off Series, #4) - Sawyer Bennett Yeah I know I am out of order reading these but I just for some reason really wanted to read this.

I did enjoy it too, I was surprised to be near half way through before any bedroom action initiated but then - phew - did it ignite or what!

Great characters who were connectable people, it was hard though sometimes to remember that Cillian was Irish but I didn't mind that the prose was written in full Irish lilt it still absolutely worked. I loved Renner too (her unusual name too), she was very engageable with, sassy but recovering from what her ex did to her. She had her idea of what she wanted and was totally unsure of Cillian and all that he projected.

Throw Cillian's ex into the mix and the story notches up a gear.

Great book, hope that reading it out of order doesn't detract from the previous three because I am really looking forward to reading them after this.