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Eternally North - Tillie Cole OK so I've been looking at this book for a while now and finally said sod it last night and took the plunge and oh how I am SO GLAD I DID!

I don't think my frazzled brain this morning is too chuffed though, this was keeping me up in the wee hours and I finally had to give up the ghost at 1.30am this morning when I couldn't get those irritating little things called words to stop fuzzing in and out on me! So of course there's me this morning first thing (cough 10am) sitting here plying caffeine and kindle in hand finishing this story. Yeah I know coffee in hand was such a stupid idea, of course I spilled it laughing!

Raucously funny, I will never ever, EVER forget Tash's description of Hitler, I near peed myself with that little gem and oh god so many other little gems too. Even Tink he spews his glitter and you laugh, oh how you laugh! I think the first 'spit my coffee out' moment was at the start, the elephant reference; oh my freakin god too funny (hurtful I know, but sorry I was creased up!)

So to sum it up, I have just spent the past evening and this morning absolutely in love with Tudor and Tash and yes of course Tink. This is romcom at its best. This is like Bridget Jones humour done the Geordie way, freakin A all the way!

Tillie Cole was quite rightly nagged by her hubby to 'just bloody do it'. She bloody did it and she bloody did it with style!