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Knight & Play (Knight, #1)

Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French .
Meet your next BIG book boyfriend, Lucien, It's love at 1st sight. ♥

Freakin hell I am in love and it was pretty much instant. Right from when Sohpie is sexing up her C.V. I laughed at the choice wording. And do you know what I also loved about this book, it's in the UK again, there's been some pretty fine books recently coming from the U.K. and this is another gem, it's a keeper and definitely a book to be read many times.

Move over and make space, Christian, Gideon and all you other book boyfriends because Lucien is in the house and taking his rightful position, he's hot beyond hot, damaged, deeply sexy, extremely confident sexually and runs a successful empire, he's also a viking, arghhh how hot is that! Oh boy he's just delicious!

Then there is Sophie Black, a boring secretary in the building trade who fears her husband lack of attention is all her fault and that she's failed him. But then she is boring no more when she applies for the job of P.A. to Lucien Knight who runs a string of clubs and shops in the sex industry. Finding more within herself as she manages to shock Lucien and show him that she is willing to take on this job and deal with uncomfortable merchandise and names that has never been part of her life before and from there on in, their story explodes.

Christ this erotic novel is good, actually no it's not just good, it's freakin hotter than hell, awesome, excellent, it grabs you by the throat and just release you up for air until your finished it. My only gripe, I wish it was longer, I could read about these two forever, the chemistry, the plot, the scenarios are just too darn good, it's definitely left me panting for more Lucien.

I am sooooo glad though that I waited to read this book, I bought it ages ago but I waited till now as now I can now plough straight on and read the conclusion in book 2. I've only waited to read this for that reason, I kinda knew just from the blurb that this was going to be a smash and I wouldn't be able to wait till book 2 and boy was this book a smash hit - it's freakin excellent!