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The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1)

The Ivy Lessons (Devoted, #1) - Susanna Quinn,  J. Lerman I started reading this book and found myself in that position that it was enjoyable but it wasn't riveting, it was descriptive but it didn't capture me 100%, thecharacters are nice but strangely not massively engaging. This book kinda just has to fall into the middle ground for me. I found that I didn't want to not finish it, it had captured me enough I wanted to see how it pans out.

I struggled to connect with Sophia, here is a girl who gives up her weekends to clean up after her step Mum and Dad, going home to their washing, gardening, housework etc etc and then she herself says she an untidy person when she moves into the Ivy College and leaves her clothes laying around everywhere - I mean where's the same girl? Also Ryan and what he does to Sohpie, I didn't feel any actual drama whilst she was being dragged around London like that and surely the outcome of Ryan should have been different at the College?

Marc - now where to begin, he comes across as swoon worthy but then bits of his character don't gel properly either, the way he treats Sophia on the Monday morning was just not sexy, fun or nice, I disliked him after that and that stayed with me all the time. I did like however the little trait that the author gave him whilst engaging in sexual activities I thought that showed a deepness but I couldn't stop thinking about how bordering on unpleasant he was in his so called dominant mode. I didn't like his dominance at all, I mean who the hell canes a woman who's never been dominated before and in that scene I also disliked Sohpie a little bit the way she handled it.

So anyway I'm reading on into the next book to see where the story goes I hope both leads come alive more and I hope we get the odd snarky bitch (Cecile) or bastard coming into play too, to give it a bit of drama.