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The Dark Light of Day

The Dark Light of Day - T.M. Frazier Bloody hell I wasn't expecting this to be as dark a read as it was! But I was drawn in immediately and kinda loved it in a bloodthirsty and shocked way. Even taking into account the oddities and typos and the fact the author seemed to love the time scale of four years. You'll get that if you read the book. It's a romance that is very dark and for the most part very disturbing but the connection is so readable and so real in your mind, you can easily place yourself in the yard, Nan's house, the beach and even in the Church, it is a massively visual book, well I found it be like that.

But take heed the first line warns you to be cautious and heck that's exactly what drew me in. I love books on the edge and boy is this book so on the edge of a mindfuck - big time, it holds no excuses and it has no smoothed over scenes, it's raw. This is another one of those that I would call a Rottweiler romance, don't expect any cute, soft, waggy tails whilst reading this book, it's pure grit and punches many shock and awe scenarios at you.

Don't read this book if you cannot handle graphic bloodthirstyness, non-consensual sex, drug usage, murder and a man who thoroughly enjoys his murderous job. Parents that are shockers, friends that well, we won't go there! But if you can handle being on the edge of a sinful vortex then you will (getting past the typos and oddities) really enjoy this book.