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Annihilate Me Vol. 2 (Annihilate Me, #2)

Annihilate Me Vol. 2 (Annihilate Me, #2) - Christina Ross Firstly I have got to say I am so disappointed that this book just really doesn't live up to book 1, I totally agree with another reviewer that it is far too similar to book 1 but it lacked the oompf that book 1 has, which is a complete shame. This is a 2.5 star read in my eyes.

So the first 10% of this book is literally copy and pasted from the end of book 1 - I mean this book says it is 315 pages but knocking off the first 10% and it lessens the content quite substantially. Why? Why has the author put so much of book 1 at the start of this book? It's the first time I have ever come across that - EVER!

On another note, sexual content does happen in this book but be prepared to wait till 60% of the way through, you've got to pass a lot of waffle before any action. And therein I have another problem, how the sex scenes were handled didn't feel right to me. There was no mention of safe sex and she is a virgin so I assume not on any birth control? We don't know because it was never mentioned, secondly after a night of heavy passion she was up for it again the next day? Come on I don't think so! She'd just been pounded the night before, first time(s) and all that, yeah I don't think her body would have allowed day 2 action!

I'm also sorry about this following bit too - so he's CEO of a multi million pound empire with hands in many pies and has increased the worth of the company since he took over and then all of a sudden he can't seem to come up with ideas how to pull in potential business any more. The way he hadn't thought of the angle with Cyrus in book 1 was already annoying me and then it kinda happens again in this book, Jennifer has the better business proposal again. Do you not think if this girl was that clever her professors would have made darn sure that she was snapped up by the creme de la creme when she finished schooling? I don't get it. Also we were being subjected to the same scenarios as book 1, Jennifer would go off and have fun with Alex and then would have to go back to Lisa and bring her up to date - huge yawn - totally boring! Not everyone has to sit down with her bestie and do a re-run of every outing.............sigh.....

This has left me really not wanting to read book 3 and that irks me, because on the one hand I want to find out the 'who' element at the end of this book but I really don't want to be dragged into a fourth book. If book 3 is as long and drawn out as this one it'll be so overkill. Also this book is full of what I call 'reflection' text, where the characters analyse and reflect over thoughts and things going on - FAR TOO MUCH! Cut this text out and this book would be halved, it's a book you'll skim read these bits because they are so not necessary and it only detracts from the story.

The one redeemer in these books is Blackwell, god that woman is just a massive fireball of fun, fun, fun! Said the Blackwell way!

I didn't feel that there was enough substance to grip onto in this book, it totally read as a filler to me and I am so unhappy because book 1 was so absorbing and fun to read, the potential was there but I can't see any sign of it in this book. This one is just mediocre bordering on yawn worthy and I truly am sad it hasn't lived up to book 1.