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Chosen Heart (The Heart Series, #1)

Chosen Heart (The Heart Series, #1) - Ann  Stewart,  Stephanie Nash Probably going to go with 3.5 stars as I did like the 'bones' of this romance.

However, I did find it could have been condensed a lot and still held the same punch. It was far too drawn out considering there is a second book; and I hope to God it only has a sequel and ends there.

I felt this book waffled quite a bit. Sometimes the character's deliberative thoughts were gone over like groundhog day, up to three or four times the same realisations were delivered which I found a tad annoying.

The characters are likable but all had niggly traits that irked me sometimes. Like Alex continually berating Ely for her relationship with Cole when he had his own secrets............ I had guessed a lot of what the secrets were so none seemed like great revelations to me. I can't deny the hottie sex scenes, they certainly had heated chemistry between them.

I will read the next book but I really hope the two authors curb the overflowing text a bit better next time, if they can then the story should rock a whole lot better which would be a lot more satisfying.

All in all a good read, a book that passages can easily be skimmed and not lose any of the story, definitely a book that urges you to read on to see what is going to materialise, drama wise.