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Beautiful Pain

Beautiful Pain - Joanna Mazurkiewicz So I'm sitting here wondering a lot about this book. I am wondering why this book is receiving 5 stars from reviewers and it's making me question what I might have missed. But then shaking that thought out of my head I know I missed nothing and I certainly didn't miss the plentitude of grammatical errors, usage of tense errors and whole words missing in places. This is mostly where I find it so hard to believe that it's receiving 5 stars. Considering how appealing the book cover is and the synopsis I jumped on this book straight away and was especially doing a happy dance because it was free. To be brutally honest now though, I would have been so disappointed if I had paid money for it.

The actual story is well thought out, I am however saddened by the deliverance. This book if it had passed through beta readers and proof readers it would most definitely be a massively bigger hit than it is.

Another point is why couldn't Joanna (the author) called Sophia's mum - mum? She would be introduced as mum and then called Michelle? I don't think I've ever seen this done before. Even her dad was called dad and not written with his Christian name so why wasn't Michelle called mum all the time? I was waiting for the story to say that she wasn't her real mum or something to justify it. Here's an example:- 'Sophia wasn’t going to tell her mother that Jessica was only able to paint when she was high on cocaine. Michelle wouldn’t believe her,' surely that should have read - her mother wouldn't believe her? This happened all the time. In my eyes those interactions didn't read right at all and it brought the story down along with the other mistakes.

Then there were places where words were added that didn't relate to the conversation that was going on:- for example - "Oh, Sophia how nice to see you. Come on in," said her Auntie Julie beaming......... then the reply is:- "Good, I heard that Ramona was back?" Why the heck is she replying good? She hadn't been asked how she was! Arghhhhh makes you think you've drunk too much vino and imagining stuff, having to re-read several passages because of these errors was frustrating to say the least.

So I found the mistakes tedious and annoying and it was affecting how I was perceiving Sophia and Harry's story. Because of this I honestly did have trouble fully connecting with them both and this left me feeling stripped of having any emotions with them.

Potentially this could have been a pretty darn fine read of this genre, sadly for me I can only review it as mediocre read, that if re-edited and partially re-written it would then become an interesting and engaging read. To be honest I am not sure if I want to read on about Lennox or Maxwell.