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Until November

Until November - Aurora Rose Reynolds Right I've given this 4.5 stars so let's get the negative out the way first:-

1/. If I read the word 'fog' in the next month it'll be too soon. Aurora you used it far too much in this book, I was gritting my teeth at 100th time I read it (slight exaggeration there but that's how annoying it felt to me).
2/. For a proof read book it was annoying to come across errors that had been missed, to be fair there wasn't that many but I just wish there hadn't been any.
3/. Not enough 'Beast'.
4/. If I read she wore an 'off the shoulder' once more I was going to scream at her to throw her friggin wardrobe out and start again!

Now the good bits:-

1/. If your after hot romance with humour then this will tick the box, there is plenty of humour abound in this book and some of it is really laugh out loud too. One particular scene had me in hysterics last night at midnight when all in my house were asleep except for me who was trying her hardest to not laugh too loudly. It was one of those moments that socks you immediately and it had something to do with kicking and someone's nether regions - omg it was too funny. November's fun side shone through the whole of this book as did Beast's. I just wish there had been more antics with Beast. As far as heroines go November is up there as a fave, she's fun, sassy, doesn't take bull from anyone and is very vulnerable so she is very sensitive and that just makes you want to love her all the more.

2/. Asher, phoaaaar. Hot with capital H, a suddenly 'ex' playboy, he's been hit by the love train. He knows what he wants and he's macho enough to be relentless until he get's it. He's an ace dominator and pretty darn fine all round really.

3/. Really funny but also really sexy. A good story that although you'll kinda know the who, what, why and where and the outcome the ride along to the end of it was done well enough I didn't care that it was all panning out exactly how I thought so there was no element of surprise. Even with it's fault's it was just too good.

I hope Aurora is going to write Asher's brother's stories they are all knicker exploding hunks!

So I can't stress enough how much I enjoyed this book, it only lost half a star because of that word 'fog' (Aurora there is many other words out there to describe November's state after she had been Asher'ed, being in a fog got really boring after the first half a dozen times, just saying.) Lastly the spattering of typos and missed out words sorry, it was good, indeed very, very good, without the typo's it would have been a knockout.