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When Fangirls Lie (How (Not) to be Seduced by Rockstars #1) - Marian Tee I honestly can't recommend this series enough! If you are up for a lot of humour because honestly it's shoulder shaking in some parts and wet eyes from laughing too hard in others it truly is hard to not connect with the characters that Marian Tees writes about. There's a lot of sexiness, a fair bit (actually a whole pile) of steam and a really good fun storyline that won't be taxing on your brain but actually totally engaging. If you like the sound of that then honestly look no further than these How Not to be series.

We were introduced to Yanna and Constantijin in the first book and they make appearances in this book but the story is between Saffi and Staffan and it is just as well put together as Yanna's.

Saffi is trying her hardest to be a groupie but little does she know that Staffan knows she isn't one at all. I love her facebook updates and all the twitter updates as we travel through their story. I love the way Staffan gets heated up over them and stalks her without her knowing. Staffan as true to form as Constanjiin was, does something so ridiculously stupid that yet again I have a twitchy palm that want's to slap him so hard for being such an arse and again all it reiterates to me is that the connection between reader and characters is wired and live from the get go.

I kinda would class these books as adult romcom chic-lit, I hope that doesn't offend Marian but they are so light hearted and all about romance but done with explicit sexy romps along the way. The story is all about the romance building between them and some secrets and Staffan not wanting to let his heart get beat up again and this is his downfall and why he acts like an arse. When that happens it's hard not to read it blinking back a few tears for Saffi. But what happens along the way is absolutely hilarious, I will never ever forget the dance off, omg I laughed so hard I had tears rolling down my cheeks when Staffan walked in and saw Saffi's dance, I so wasn't expecting that and the visualisation in my head is what had me laughing so hard.

I was so glad to see their story continues as I can honestly say I am a total fangirl of Marian Tees, I absolutely love her fresh, fun, sexy writing style. Her sense of humour is totally connected to mine and is probably why I find these books such total fun, but also I am absorbed into the characters and feel their emotions straight away they are written so well, they seem so real.