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When Fangirls Cry (How (Not) to be Seduced by Rockstars, #2) - Marian Tee Bloody hell, bloody hell....BLOOOOO--DEEEEE hell!

I love, love, love Marian Tee and her quirky, well put together stories. I love her characters and how they are so emotionally locked in my head whilst I am devouring her books. I love how one minute you'll be crying with laughter and then the next crying from emotional pain as you watch her characters stumble and hit rocky patches along their journey.

I honestly don't care how cliche some will say these books are, I don't care if others don't like them as much as I do but I will still recommend to anybody I know and even you reading this that I don't know. I wholeheartedly sing to you to read this author. She will without a doubt get you out of a book funk, she will have you laughing at the antics her heroines get up to and she will also reduce you to tears. Think Sophie Kinsella style with erotica. You'll have some idea what to expect.

This book is more emotional than the book When Fangirls Lie but even though I had to read a lot through teary eyes I just loved it. Full of enough will he, won't he and will she, won't she, it's light enough to just fall into with no brain taxing but totally fun enough and colourful enough to keep you enthralled till the end.

Can't wait to hopefully read Rathe's story next. Please Marian churn it out quick if your writing it if only for your #1 fangirl here ;0) who is totally smitten with your books.