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Lash (The Skulls, #1) - Sam Crescent So this is another author jumping on the bandwagon of steamy biker club reads that are all the rage at the moment. And because of this we need to weed out the ones that lack the oompf, the wow and the awe factor that comes with reading MC books.

Unfortunately for me this book does lack all the above, don't get me wrong it's ok but that's as far I can go with praise for this book. It's easy to fall into but not a lot actually goes on and there is things that Angel does that has me questioning her character and how she went from a 19 year old virgin to nympho pretty much overnight. It did have some redeeming qualities sporadically but overall this is readable but simply if you go into this with high expectations and you will be disappointed.

If your expecting it to read like Kristen Ashley, Madeline Sheehan, Crystal Spears and even Jamie Begley (when she sorts her typos out) then you will be disappointed, Lash is not of that calibre. It's an entry level read that is a bit blah and a bit been there done that kinda read, the conversations are nothing new, he barks she obeys. He swears a lot, she doesn't - so there is nothing that makes this book any different and stand out it simply does not. A mediocre read that like I say don't go in expecting exciting MC revelations and you won't be disappointed.