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Taming the Bachelor (Moretti Novels, #1)

Taming the Bachelor (Moretti Novels, #1) - M.J. Carnal I really was completely frustrated with this, it started out fairly promising and I was indeed enjoying it until I hit the 60% marker and then bam what happened next completely threw my outlook and my perception of this romance. I actually no longer felt it was viable, romantic or believable after what Mark did the week before the wedding and to top it all it was then all brushed aside and Sophie kinda took the blame for how things panned out. Well I am sorry I just did not get how Mark could be so secretative and do all the things he did leading up to the rehearsal and not expect any kind of repercussions and I have to say if my boyfriend decided to go house hunting with another woman no matter who she was and me expect to be elated that 'they' chose the house I would be living in then well I would bash him over the head!

I also really didn't like Layla, what kind of sister speaks to her younger sibling like she did when all hell broke loose at the rehearsal? Yes maybe Sophie jumped to conclusions but actually after what she had been through she did a right to be a bit suspicious and the fact that Mark had been a confirmed manwhore. I found Layla totally selfish, happily agreeing to have done all she did (I'm trying to be elusive so I don't wreck it for anybody else), and even later on in the book when she was explaining that she had only spoken to her sister twice since the rehearsal and then followed it with blah, blah, blah I wanted to strangle her! She did not come across as a nice person at all in my eyes. the whole sitation at the reheasal I think was not delivered well at all. I also really struggled with the massively instant relationship between Layla and Mark. Let's face it Mark and Sophie had only just met on the holiday and the next thing we know Mark is making a secretative phone call using words like 'date' and love you, love you, love you - absolutely totally off the wall strange, because this phone call is to a person he's never met before!

I'm sorry but I didn't find this book a romance after 60%, there were loads of scenarios that didn't add up to a viable story after that and for that reason my rating had to drop to 2 stars from what started as three. The characters became less likable from then to me the whole tempo of the story changed and in my eyes it did not change for the better.

I too wonder what I read compared to everybody else, because after all the books I've consumed if only counting the past year this book falls short and really doesn't have a lot of depth and 100% likeable characters.