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In Service To The Billionaire

In Service To The Billionaire - Heather Chase First thing I really liked the book cover and I liked the synopsis and thought this would be an enjoyable billionaire, BDSM kink read. Oh boy was I wrong to fall for the cover and the blurb. All I can say is thank heavens it was free. This was awful. So hard to connect to Sophia, I really disliked her character. I really disliked the story and as for the ending that wasn't sexy or erotic, that was strange and slightly perverse and when I say that I don't mean the F/F/M action was perverse I mean the professed love and only accepting a relationship because of it. That was just too weird, non romantic and not even close to being readable.

I have read many many and I mean many erotic novels from Dark and depraved to light and sexy but this doesn't fall into any catagory other than what you should be reading in a dirty mag. The vernacular is very sleazy. This is not a sophisticated erotic read at all. I can read books written this way and have indeed read many, but coupled with the extremely poor story and character depiction, none of it works in this book.

What Sophie did to her herself to get Sand, to her Fiance and to Sand himself was so - god - I don't know just downright awful. She even treated her best friend strange, one minute caring, the next sexually interested, then not, then is and then not and then is again! I mean does this girl really not know where her heart lies! I actually liked Sand a little bit, he kind of redeemed it to make me finish it.

Even the synopsis does not warn you that this will contain, breathing control, cheating, demeaning sexual acts and F/F/M action. So I caution this will not read anything like FSOG or any books similar to that, it doesn't even read like a a highly charged erotic novel, it is just extremely strange, very poor vernacular and an extremely up and down female who seems to not have a clue what she really wants until the end and then treats us to the most strangest ever 'go get my man' scenario I've ever read!

This really does not leave me interested in reading anything else by this author.