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Just One Song (Just One Song, #1)

Just One Song (Just One Song, #1) - Stacey  Lynn
4.5 stars - loved it.

Rockstars, romance and a heart wrenching past. These are just some of the ingredients that fill the pages of this really well presented and written love story.

My emotions were on overdrive during this book. Oh my God does Stacey spin a fantastic emotional cauldron of tear jerking moments mixed in with happy smiles and a family/friendship feel all round.

If you can't handle the explicit sex scenes that are written nowadays then you'll love this book, very tastefully presented that will satisfy all true die hard romancers. Add the heady mix of rockstars in and voila your in sexy heaven! This errs on the gentler side of romance, it's very sexy but not steamy and done so tastefully I didn't care that it wasn't explicit. There is even the angry ex although her role is very down played but nonetheless it's there in the background adding some drama.

Nicole is struggling to come to terms with her bereavement and needing to feel like living again and how her story is written is just so emotional, I absolutely loved it. The loss of Mark and Andrew is presented so well you honestly feel they are your loss too.

I loved every bit of this romance and I will definitely be reading more of Stacey Lynn.